The woodland is protetced by byelaws and by the Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) which apply to all open spaces in the borough. See links below: 

Link to the Petersham Common Byelaws (1988)

Link to the Public Space Protection and Byelaws (Richmond Council site)

Given the steepness and narrowness of the paths, cycling is strictly prohibited in the woodland.

In the recent past mountain bikers have done significant damage to various parts of the common, and have endangered the public with their speed and stunts. The fencing which has been placed alongside some of the paths will remain in place whilst the understorey recovers and the new planting is established. 

Litter is an ongoing problem on the Common, and we encourage all vistors remove any litter they see. To participate in the regular Litter Picks on the Common, see the Get Involved section.  

Camping, and the lighting of fires, barbecues or stoves are strictly prohibited activities.

Horseriding is prohibited, except by special permission from the Conservators. 

Please do not block / dam any drains and ditches as this causes significant erosion damage. 

Richmond Council may spray parts of the woodland for Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) caterpillars as part of its statutory control of OPM.  If you see any OPM please report it to the Forestry Commission: telephone 0300 067 4442 or email: