Trees and Hedgrows

As part of the Ecology Solutions Management Plan we are strengthening all 3 layers of the woodland, namely the ground cover, the shrub layer and the canopy.  This includes establishing a more diverse environment and dense understory providing native tree blocks for songbird nesting habitat.  We are also opening glades of native wildflowers for invertebrates and butterflies. 

Between 2016 - 2022 we planted approximately 23,800 trees to help restore the understorey - a vital habitat and source of food for nesting songbirds. We opened up 8 glades (ground layer) and 2 coppice glades (shrub layer).  2 Hedgerows and roadside planting is helping to improve the habitat.  We also have started to map the trees.  This work continues as we plan to increase the number of glades, wildflower areas, songbird habitats, hedgerows and roadside planting.. 



Malus (apple) species in bloom Petersham Common March 2017